The leader in Shared Profit Remodeling since 2004

Value-Builders, LLC is the pioneer and leader in shared-profit renovation services.  At Value-Builders, we use our money to remodel homes our customers are trying to sell.  When the property sells, we split the increased value with the owner.   If the property sells below an agreed upon amount, we lose our money.   The company introduced a new service in residential real estate redevelopment called Equity IQ. Because Value-Builders assumes most of the risk. We are extremely cautious  to ensure our remodels get the maximum value out of our customer’s homes. With Equity IQ, owners receive a higher return on their properties with no cash investment, and with very little risk.


Here’s how it works:

1. Contact Value-builders.  We will present an easy-to-understand, no obligation estimate detailing what the house is worth in as-is condition (reserve price), remodel cost and timeline for completion, and what the house is worth once improvements are made.  If terms are agreeable, Value-builders delivers the Seller our agreement, which specifically covers all the details.

2. Upon the completion of our paperwork, we begin work. Our improvements can be as basic as carpet and paint, all the way up to complete remodels, whatever we deem necessary to attract the maximum sales price.  Value-builders pays for all the work.

3. When the remodel is complete, we stage the property with high-quality furniture and artwork at no cost.

4. You list the property at the new sales price.

5. When the property sells, Value-builders splits the net profit with the seller.

Value-builders began doing shared-profit renovations in 2004 and has never lost money for a client. Value-builders has been featured in the Denver Business Journal, Denver Post, Channels 4,7, 9 and Fox 31, and the Rocky Mountain News.  
Do you think your home could be worth significantly more if it were remodeled?  If so, contact us now for a no-obligation estimate. Also, please follow the link below to see some of our renovations and their respective growth in price.

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