fix-it, sell-it, prof-it

as a REAL estate broker

Value-builders currently has a solution to generate buyers, happy sellers, and more commission dollars! We are a Colorado Company with an exclusive program that works with properties in need of repair.  Value-builders renovates the properties at our cost, stages them, and shares the profits with the sellers.
If you know of or have any listings that need renovations, let us know. We can enhance the sale price and reduce days on market! Ideal properties are those that are in need of updating, and are realistically priced for their condition.
Value-builders will evaluate each property individually.  If the property fits our model, generally pay realistic prices based on current condition, and do make insulting offers.
At Value-builders, we take the guesswork, and a lot of the risk, out of preparing properties  for market for sellers.  Our unique Equity IQ program lets sellers make higher profits and fewer days on the market. Value-builders completes and pays for the remodel, we stage the property with new furniture, and then share the profit with the seller when it sells. Because Value-builders uses our own cash to pay for the renovations, our sellers are confident we will do good work.

If your sellers don’t profit, we don’t profit. 

We are experts in getting you the most money possible for your clients homes. With our Equity IQ program, we repair, remodel; even furnish your listings to get them in prime condition so you can sell for more!  Value-builders pays for all the work, the owner does not pay or owe a penny until the property sells. When it sells, we share the net profit with the owner. Your listings sell faster, you make higher commissions, your sellers make more money, and all with no added risk

Equity IQ program

We believe most homes could be worth more with a little help, and Value-builders™ is here to provide that help. With our exclusive Equity IQ™ program, we will pay to get your clients home in the condition in needs to get TOP DOLLAR.  From basic repairs, paint and carpet, all the way up to full remodels, Value-builders™ pays all the expenses, and gets the work done fast.  When the house sells, we share the net profit with the owner between what it was worth before we did the work, and what it sold for afterwards.  Your listing sells faster, you make more money, and neither you nor the owner assume additional risk. 

Who can benefit from Equity IQ?

Equity IQ is ideal for many types of homeowners:

  • Families trying to get more for their house
  • Owners trying to sell former rental properties in need of repair
  • Banks looking to get more for their bank-owned properties
  • Investors interested in doing fix-and-flips who do not have the time, money, or experience to do the work.
  • Investors who do a high volume of fix-and-flips often find they make more money with Equity IQ™

Anyone trying to sell a home in need of a remodel should contact us first to see how much more they could make without taking additional risk.

An example of Equity IQ at work

Assume you have a listing that needs some updating, requiring new paint, carpet, a new kitchen, and updated baths. We complete extensive research on comparable properties in your area that have sold, and together with you and the owner, we agree the house is worth $400,000 in as-is condition.  We call this the reserve price.  Value-builders™ determines it will cost $25,000 to do the work necessary to get top dollar.  We believe (again, based on extensive research and over 15 years experience in the appraisal business) the house will be worth $500,000 once the work is complete.  If the house sells for $500,000, the sale will generate an additional $6,000 in commissions, with no added risk for the seller!  Here is a breakdown:

Before Value-builders

Sales price:                 $400,000
Commissions:             $24,000
Closing fees:              $6,000
Net sales price:          $370,000

After Value-builders

Sales price:                  $500,000                                                                                                   Remodel expense:     $25,000
Value-builders fee:    $37,500 (50% of the net increase before commissions and fees)
Commissions:              $30,000
Closing fees:                $7,500
Net sales price:           $400,000
In this scenario, your client netted $30,000 more, the property generated $6,000 more in commissions, and most likely sold much faster, all without any additional risk on you or the owners part.  Keep in mind, if the owner wants to complete the remodel on their own, they will likely spend 1.5 to 2 times the amount we do, because of our experience and volume discounts.  So the same remodel would likely cost at least $50,000 of your clients money, and take much more time. You can do the math yourself; it makes much more sense to choose Value-builders.

Because of our experience and our unique Equity IQ program, we have helped hundreds of Real Estate Brokers sell their listings for higher profits and fewer days on the market. While we find many properties ourselves, well over 40% of our projects come from Real Estate Brokers. We need your help!  Bring us properties, we will evaluate them, and if they work with our model, we will get it done. It’s that simple. Sell more homes (to buyers that are easy to work with), and make more commissions.  

No low-ball offers, no games, just more sales.

Why do Real Estate Brokers choose Value-builders?

  • Experience: We have over 30 years experience in real estate investing, including appraisals, sales, and hundreds of remodels.  We know what touches sell homes, and only spend on items that will generate the best possible return.
  • Proven track record: While there is always risk in investing in real estate, we have profited on over 98% of our investments, even in bad years
  • Shared risk: Because we pay for all remodel expenses, we have a huge financial risk in each re-model we do.  If we are wrong, Value-builders™ loses money.   Our interests are aligned with the sellers.
  • Staging: We stage properties with high-quality furniture.  Staged properties sell for 5% more and 2.5 times faster than non-staged (Denver Post, February 8, 2004)
  • Costs: Because of our industry experience and contacts, we complete most remodels for about half the cost and in about half the time as someone without experience.  Our sellers therefore often make the same or better return sharing the profit with Value-builders™ than doing it themselves.

*Based upon a survey conducted by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and® of over 1,000 homes (62% Vacant, 38% occupied) across the Continental US and Canada prepared for sale by Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP®) in today's market.