What type of property is a good candidate for the value-builders program?

A typical Value-Builder house would be one we consider having “good bones”.  This would be a home without major structural issues or needing major structural changes to make the home marketable.  Such things such as home additions, building upon structures, as well as major structural repairs would be typically something Value-Builders is not looking at for projects. Site clean-up, roofs, windows, siding, landscaping, paint, carpet, flooring, kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms, appliances, HTAC, plumbing, and electrical are all areas we consider value building improvements.

What do I have to do in this process?

It’s a simple process. We will need to take a look at the property in question and meet with you, the property owner. You can give a us a call on our 800 number and get a live representative, email us directly, or fill out our contact form and have us contact you. We assure you a fast, prompt, and courteous reply and we can set up a viewing.   


Is Value-Builder a Real Estate Company?

No, we are a start to finish project management company. We have established relationships with the real estate community as over 40% of our referrals come from the Real Estate Brokerage Community.


Is Value-Builder a general contractor or construction company?

No, we are a start to finish project management consultant.


Are there any upfront fees of any kind  for the service?

No, there are no advanced fees of any kind to the seller. Value Builders covers all the renovation costs. Value-Builders pays for the remodel and staging, you don't pay a dime.


How does Value-Builders make money on the project?

Value-Builders only makes money when the house sells and sells for a net-profit. Value-Builders is driven to push for lower labor costs, materials costs, general contractor costs, major appliance costs and far shorter holding times.


What statistical advantage does Value-Builder offer to a seller? 

Value-Builders properties sell for 30% more in 1/3 less of the time.


How do I know how much Value-builders will spend on the re-model and how long will it take?

We evaluate the property and the work we expect to do and include the
approximate cost and time in the contract, and give it to you before you purchase the property.


What if the house DOESN'T sell for the amount we thought it would?

We only begin to reimburse our re-model expense at sales above your purchase, or reserve price.


What is Value-builders mark-up on the remodel work?

Zero. We do not markup our work. We use the actual cash paid to our contractors as the basis for the remodel expense.


What if I love the re-model so much I want to keep the house?

We have an option to pay for the re-model work and not sell the home if you choose to rent it or live in it.  Our fee is 2.5 times the cost of the re-model work, so in the above example, you would pay Value-builders™ $37,500.00.  The payment will be due 10 days after you decide not to sell.


Can I use my own REALTOR to find and/or sell the house?

Yes, however we have an affiliate that substantially reduces the commission on the sale of the property, resulting in higher profit for you.  If you choose to use your own agent, we encourage you to negotiate a similar rate.  We enjoy working with agents, they like our business, and they will generally be receptive of the terms.


You mentioned furnishing the home, what do you mean?

Putting special furniture and artwork into a property for sale is called staging.  We prefer to stage all the houses we do.  A recent Denver Post article (Feb. 8, 2004 page 4K), indicated that staged homes sell  2.2 times faster and for 5% higher prices than non-staged homes.  We own our staging furniture and most recently used it in a re-model that went under contract in 14 days.


What about realtor commissions and other fees?

Normal fees are deducted from the gross sales price and paid by the owner, just like if you sold the house without Value-builders involved. Value-builders pays realtor commissions on our portion of the profit.


What about issues that come up during inspection, like if the buyer wants a new roof?

Any inspection issues that have nothing to do with the work Value-builders™ completed are the sellers responsibility.   Issues directly involving our work will be taken care of by us.  While we do not guarantee there will be no inspection issues, we inspect and negotiate resolutions prior to purchasing the home to minimize issues at time of sale.


Why should I use Value-builders?  Why not just do the work myself and make 100% of the profit?

You can always buy and fix up houses yourself.  We have found most people do not realize how difficult it is to find good contractors and the time necessary to do the remodel correctly.  Additionally, people who not involved in remodels full-time usually do not know what enhancements buyers are looking for, and often spend money on improvements that buyers are not willing to pay for.  Private individuals usually end up spending more than twice what Value-builders™ will, and take twice as long.  If you add-in remodeling and staging expense, you will see that in many cases you can make more money working with Value-builders.  In addition, we pay all the expense associated with the re-model, so you don’t need to come up with any cash outside your down payment purchase, and some carrying costs